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Accelerated Melee Peripheral

The Accelerated Melee Peripheral, more commonly known as the AMP, is a melee-enhancing system designed for the forearms and calves of the OI-M3-1A Gekido by Monica and a few Origin Industries employees in YE 40. It uses ion thrusters - in combination with higher-grade servos, actuators, hydraulics and motorized gears than those found in the base model Gekido - to maximise melee output.

About the Accelerated Melee Peripheral

After joining up with Origin Industries' mecha squad onboard the OIF Karakoram, Monica decided that she didn’t like how amped-back the OI-M3-1A Gekido's kicks and punches felt compared to her own – so she grabbed a few lab technicians and got to work upgrading her mech.


Most of the Accelerated Melee Peripheral's systems are contained within the OI-M3-1A Gekido's forearms, shins, and calves, with the only visible changes being the ion thrusters that poke their nozzles out in order to be functional; additionally, the mecha’s feet and hands have been plated with Nerimium for added strength.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A plume of blue out the back end of the AMP’s thrusters as they fire up.
  • Retort: A thunderous “feoww” for the duration of the rockets’ burn.
  • Recoil: Heavy, carries the limbs forwards to add more force to an impact.
Accelerated Melee Peripheral Damage Quickchart
Mode Purpose
Off (Thrusters Disengaged) Tier 8, Medium Anti-Mecha
On (Thrusters Engaged) Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha

Weapon Mechanisms

General descriptions about how the Accelerated Melee Peripheral functions.

  • Firing Mechanism (Software-Triggered Thrusters): Much like a ship’s thrusters, the AMP’s thrusters are fired via electronic systems inside the mecha, causing the thrusters to fire up until they are instructed otherwise.
  • Safety Mechanism: The AMP’s thrusters can only be fired via the "Ramstein" Custom Gekido's internal systems; a kill-code can be sent to shut down the thrusters at any point - though it's primarily meant for use only when they're damaged.
  • Firing Modes: The AMP has two states that can be likened to firing modes, on and off.
    • Off: The thrusters are turned off in this mode, leaving the limbs to be carried by their upgraded servos, actuators, hydraulics, and motorized gears.
    • On: The thrusters fire up in this mode, accelerating the limbs to higher speeds than the mecha’s limbs can accomplish on their own.


General descriptions about the Accelerated Melee Peripheral's design.

  • Power Source: The AMP is powered by the Gekido's internal power systems.
  • Construction: The AMP is simply an upgraded version of the OI-M3-1A Gekido's forearms, with a few additional ion thrusters being thrown into the mix and Nerimium plating on the hands and feet to help deal with the increased force upon impact.

OOC Notes

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