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Affonato Biplane

The Affonato is a small, maneuverable biplane manufactured as a pleasure craft by Origin Industries. Based on ancient designs found in a swamp on Kennewes, it is slightly updated with modern materials and some engineering updates.


  • Open cockpit
  • Leather seating
  • High Maneuverability


1,000 KS unassembled 2,000 KS assembled



The Affonato is powered by a small Aether Generator powering an electric motor, which drives the propeller. Controls are handled using the standard cable method, but a set of backup wires can electronically control the Affonato if desired. The frame is comprised of lightweight Aluminum coated in Carbon fiber, and the skin is Carbon fiber fabric. The engine cowling is made out of Aluminum. The windscreens are made from a tough, scratch-resistant clear Polymer. Propellers are made from Durandium Alloy, as weaker metals warp under the stress of torque from the electric motor. It is a tail-dragger, which means it takes some skill to land.


Top speed: 313.8 kph (195 mph, 169.5 knots) Stall speed: 80 kph (50 mph, 43 knots) forward, 0 mph vertical Range: Limited to Atmosphere Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 passenger. Climb/descent: 90 Degree/-90 Degree Maximum G force: The frame can take up to 16 G's of force.


Mass: 300kg (661 lbs) unloaded Length: 10 meters Height: 4 meters wingspan: 12 meters



Power is provided by a suitcase-sized Aether Generator in the engine compartment, just behind the electric motor.


A Small radio set allows the pilots to communicate with the control towers at airports and spaceports, as well as other craft in the air.


There is a 1m x 1m x 1m compartment behind the rear passenger seat, allowing for some storage of gear. It can be accessed from the passenger seat, by tilting it forward.

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