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Silhouette/Mirror Neural Operating Construct



YE 31 brought the acquisition of the Anatolia Software Group (an Independent 3-member Yamataian software startup of programmers) by Origin Industries for their remarkable work with the Silhouette Neural Operating Construct.


Originally, Anatolia Software Group (ASG) specialized in the production of Artificial Intelligence and self-organizing systems though with the help of their third member, a Nepleslian Neuro-Scientist turned Yamataian, they began work on what they believed would be the groundbreaking in armor control systems. Their various specialties went on to produce an unconventional system which has been ported to the 'Destiny' AI System and compiled for the PAWN computing platform for their parent company.


The Silhouette system accelerates system and pilot response times to smaller fractions of the standard under conventional neural control, as well as increasing precision in small and subtle movements. The system is a partial copy of the user's own overclocked mind, which refines and enhances user actions.


The Silhouette works by taking a resonance scan of a pilot's brain, analyzing the chemical and neural bonds. From there, it computes data into a neural simulation. Simulations are then optimized for use as programs and are maintained as software; they are then overclocked according to input from the user and sensors in the equipment to be used. The resonance scan and following simulation is a type of AI designed to predict and anticipate the user's intent, preparing the hardware systems ahead of time to improve reaction speed and performance. This AI is known as a 'Mirror'.

Every few seconds during use, the Mirror is refreshed, ensuring that the user and AI are synchronized. The Mirror exists in volatile software memory, or RAM, and is lost upon system shutdown. Data collected is saved, forming a 'profile' for users to be used at a later time. It is noted that an increase in performance up to 400% have been recorded.


In order for the system to function properly, the user must be mentally synchronized to the Mirror and the profile that it has created on the user. Desynchronization occurs when the user is in an altered state of mind different from the Mirror. During the time the Silhouette system compensates, the performance is significantly degraded, resulting in poor performance and lack of precision. After the system resynchronizes to the user's abnormal state, it must also readjust to the following normal state; resynchronization to the base state of the user is faster than that to an abnormal state. Excessively abnormal or strong emotion and influence of drugs have both been recorded to cause the degradation of synchronization.

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