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Origin Industries Gauss Ammunition

Origin's Gauss Ammunition family contains three types of ammunition, which offer varying degrees of effectiveness for varying prices Initially only containing Depleted Uranium Darts, released in YE 32, it was not until YE 39 that additional ammunition types were pursued, finally becoming available in YE 40

There are Three types available: Standard Depleted Uranium Penetrators, High Explosive Incendiary-Armor Piercing, and High Explosive Squash Head

Depleted Uranium Darts

Typically referred to as simply DU, Origin's Depleted Uranium Darts are Heavy, anti-armor grade rounds meant for electromagnetic propulsion use, as they have no powder charge or casing of any kind. Used mostly as a penetrating round for armor piercing and if needed anti-personnel duties they are simple, powerful, and deadly. These rounds are black in color, and shaped as a conical dart.

High Explosive Incendiary-Armor Piercing Darts

Normally known as HEI-AP, the High Explosive Incendiary Armor Piercing Darts are designed to penetrate an armor, and then explode inside of it, coupled with a longer-burning Incendiary, in order to remove a target's ability to function rather than simply damaging it, or destroying it outright. They build on the deadliness of a standard round with extra lethality on order to accomplish tasks more quickly. These rounds are red in color, and shaped as a boat-tailed conical dart.

High Explosive Squash Head

High Explosive Squash Head, or HESH rounds are designed to work in a different manner than DU or HEI-AP rounds. Instead of penetrating and doing internal damage in addition to external damage, HESH rounds are purely designed for external destruction. Using a high yield, high explosive charge, they cause a large explosion which is intended to destroy components, emplacements, and blast away armor rather than penetrating it. HESH rounds are especially effective at destroying cover, but are still quite effective against an armored opponent. These rounds are Orange in color and shaped as a conical boat-tailed dart with a slight bulge near the tip.

Dart Specifications

Listed below are the three sizes of available darts, and their damage potential when utilized at their maximum allowable muzzle velocities. The damage actually dealt by each round will differ per application, as different Gauss rifles are capable of different muzzle velocities and ranges.

:!: NOTE: Actual damage may differ from weapon to weapon due to differences in Muzzle velocity.

4x50 mm Darts

The 4x50mm dart is a light duty anti-armor round, which is meant for use both in light anti-armor and heavy anti-personnel situations. With a smaller diameter, length, and overall mass, the 4x50mm darts cannot penetrate as much armor, but can still damage and destroy when used in enough volume.

Power: DU: Tier 3, HEI-AP: Tier 5, HESH: Tier 4 Range: Up to 10 KM atmosphere, theoretically unlimited in space Muzzle Velocity: up to 5,000 m/s Muzzle Blast: A light flash of white light Recoil: High Cost: DU: 1KS/2 rounds , HEI-AP: 3KS/2 rounds , HESH: 2KS/2 rounds

8 x 100 mm Darts

The 8x100mm dart is a workhorse Gauss round for Powered Armor rifles. Large, heavy, and deadly, it can be flung at high velocity, and is quite good at penetrating armor. While usually a very sturdy projectile, the rounds are known to occasionally shatter when hitting a hard enough substance at velocities above 3,000 m/s.

Power: DU: Tier 5, HEI-AP: Tier 7, HESH: Tier 6 Range: Up to 15 KM atmosphere, theoretically unlimited in space Muzzle Velocity: up to 5,000 m/s Muzzle Blast: A light flash of white light Mass: 3.5 oz Recoil: Very high Cost: DU: 1KS/round , HEI-AP: 3KS/round , HESH: 2KS/round

24 x 300 mm Darts

The 24x300mm dart is Origin's largest round which can be fired from a PA-sized rifle. Designed specifically for sniping duty, these rounds are roughly triple the dimensions of their 8mm little brother. Big, heavy, and tough, these rounds can handle, and impact with, immense force.

Power: DU: Tier 7, HEI-AP: Tier 9, HESH: Tier 8 Range: Up to 20 KM atmosphere, theoretically unlimited in space Muzzle Velocity: up to 10,000 m/s Muzzle Blast: A light flash of white light Recoil: extremely high Cost: DU: 10KS/round , HEI-AP: 30KS/round , HESH: 20KS/round

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