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125mm Gauss Cannon

First fielded in YE 34, Origin Industries' 125mm Gauss cannon is a typically vehicle-mounted, heavy anti-armor and anti-mcha weapon designed for general use.

About the 125mm Gauss Cannon

The 125mm Gauss Cannon was designed to be a heavy hitting weapon for heavy vehicles and Mecha. It is an improved version of the now defunct Paragon's HCS2 125mm Coilgun, which has been redesigned with better durability and reliability, as well as ease of maintenance.

Nomenclature Information


The Normal appearance of the 125mm Gauss Cannon is a long, heavily reinforced tube which has another, thicker tube surrounding it containing the Gauss coils. This weapon can also be housed within a lightly armored protective housing for use with Mecha as a mounted weapon. Additionally, it can be modified with its own power source as well as a grip and trigger system for use as a handheld sniper rifle for Mecha.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: Little to no muzzle flash, occasionally tiny golden sparks will come out with the round and dissipate almost immediately.
  • Retort: In atmosphere, there is an extremely loud, sharp crack when the weapon is fired.
  • Projectile Appearance: The Projectile is a round or pointed nose projectile, usually black. it is invisible to the naked eye when fired.
  • Effective Range 30,000 km in space1), 10 km in atmosphere
  • Rate of Fire: Up to 12 rounds per minute
  • Recoil: Medium-High2)


The 125mm Gauss Cannon fires 125x900mm Projectiles.

125×900 MM Damage Quickchart
(Type) Purpose
Armor Piercing Incendiary-Discarding Sabot Heavy armor piercing, damages shields through kinetic transfer and penetrates armor
High Explosive Anti Tank- Fragmentation Medium to heavy anti-armor, Overloads shields via explosives and damages armor. fragmentation causes area of effect damage to smaller targets
High Explosive Plasma Contained plasma charge does damage via explosions and armor ablation, very effective against most materials and shields

Weapon Mechanisms

Information about how the 125mm Gauss cannon functions

  • Firing Mechanism: A round is loaded into the chamber from the magazine and then pushed forward into the Gauss coils, which propel the round forward at high fractions of the speed of light. The coils and rails must be allowed to cool for several seconds before another round can be inserted, re-starting the cycle.
  • Loading: The 125mm Gauss Cannon is fed via a simple six-round Box magazine But can be modified to accept a belt-feed or autoloading system depending on how it is mounted.



  • 125mm Gauss Cannon: 12,000 KS/Unit
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Barrel Assembly: 10,000 KS
  • Magazine: 400 KS
  • Protective casing: 1000 KS
  • Trigger and grip5): 300 KS

Ammunition pricing for the 125mm Gauss Cannon

(Insert Ammo Name) Price Quickchart
Type Price (per 100 rounds)
API-DS 4000 KS
HEP 8000 KS

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons
Product Name125mm Gauss Cannon
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Theoretically unlimited, however it can only targets within 300,000 km
While the weapon is hard-mounted, it can be felt recoiling by the vehicle's crew unless mitigated by recoil damping systems
Area of effect
requires protective casing
requires protective casing and HONEY BURST Kit

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