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Xen'trene Act

The Xen'trene Act is a law that was re-enacted in ER 227, but was originally created when the Neshaten were a Federation. Xen'trene is the name of the original senator who created the act, designed to give citizens who have commited a crime the ability to work off their debt to society.


Senator Xen'trene, who lived from EW1) 190 to EW 288 was known for his calm nature and desire to help others even if they have done wrong. He was made senator in EW 230, but in EW 245 he was offered a position on a criminal justice commitee. While on this commitee he oversaw various cases of citizens making common mistakes but being made to suffer terribly for it, in some cases, being made to spend thirty or forty years for petty crimes such as theft.

This caused the Senator to create the Xen'trene Act of EW 256, which gave criminals another venue to live out thier sentence by working for - at the time - citizens of the Federation. The act also set up a series of laws that pertained both to the owner of the servant and also the servant themselves.

It is assumed, due to the lack of records, that the act was suspended in EW 486. It would take nearly two thousand years before it would be re-enacted in ER 227, with several minor alterations including the addition of letting people in debt work it off.

The Act Itself

The Xen'trene Act permits a citizen who has commited a crime to work off their debt under agreement with the government. There are limitations in the law that forbids certain types of criminals form being covered and allowed to use this act.

While the act mainly pertains to adults, there are also parts that pertain to kits as well.

Originally the act stated that only Neshaten citizens may own servants, but upon being re-enacted a change was made so that only Royalty, Nobles, and Trade Families may own sergants.

Crimes covered

The following is a list of crimes that the act permits a citizen to work off.

  • Theft, as long as no one is killed.
  • Mugging, as long as no one is killed.
  • Robbery, as long as no one is killed.

Crimes not covered

The following is a list of crimes not covered by the act.

  • Murder
  • Sexual Assault
  • Capital Offenses
  • Repeat Offenders (if a person commits more than two crimes)

Debt Release

While the majority of the Act refers to criminal activity, there is a small part that also refers to citizens who incure a major debt either as part of a business or do to gambling. These citizens can become a Indentured Servant and work off that large debt, thus saving themselves or even their company which might've filed for bankruptcy and was the reason why the members of that family went into IS.

Act Parts

The following is a list of items pertaining to servants and their temporary owners.

The Servant

Criminals who agree to put themselves into indentured servitude must understand that they are required to work off their entire sentence, whether that is only two years, or forty. How much of a sentence is cut off depends on the judge who oversaw the criminals case.

Rights of a Servant

1. A servant has the right to not be abused by their owner, they are also required to have three meals a day and be given adequete accomondations. Under no circomstances should a servant be beaten for making a mistake, however, servants are required to obey their owners every order short of killing someone.

2. In the event of abuse, a servant must report the abuse to the general authorities who are then required to investigate. If abuse is found, servant will be reassigned to another household or business while the owner is prosecuted.

3. A servant can have their contract cancelled at anytime, however, servants who have this happens are placed on a priority list to get into another business or family to work for.

4. All Servants must wear an IS Band around their wrist, the band keeps track of their movements and ensures that they don't try and attempt to flee.

The Owner

The owner is a person who has been provided with a servant for use either in their business or home; they have overall control over that servant with some limitations.

Rights of the Owner

1. The owner of the servant has a right to report anything suspicious that the servant might be doing, including illegal activity.

2. The owner may punish a servant, but not abuse them, punishment must fit the offense which means nothing physical.

3. Owners may, at any time, cancel the contract if they have no need for the servant any longer.

Act as applies to Kits

A kit who commits a crime is allowed to pertake in this act. However, Kit's open up a whole differente type of work. Kit's are allowed to do hard labor, but are not allowed to do labor that could result in them being killed.

Unlike an adult, Kit's can serve out their sentence by working as servants for their school or any other school in the area or help keep parks clean. Kit's, in fact, are the only type of citizen that is not 'owned' by anyone.

Rights of the Kit

1. A Kit who is an indentured servant has the right to report any abuse that might happen to them from the people they are temporarily working for.

2. A Kit must be provided with adequete accomondations along with three meals a day.

3. A Kit can not be given labor that could kill them, such as working on space or in mines.

4. A kit may request transfer to another place if they feel they are being abused.

5. A kit's sentence is nullified if the person they are working for abuses them in anyway.

Era of War

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