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Astral Vanguard Cold Weather Uniform

The Astral Vanguard Cold Weather Uniform (CWU) is a uniform used by the Iromakuanhe Astral Vanguard beginning in AR 899. It is used in frigid locations such as Mazerin for camouflage and protection from the elements.

Example art. Done by Nyki.


The Cold Weather Uniform is comprised of:

  • A thick, teal turtleneck sweater.
  • Gray snow pants with a white stripe on the side.
  • A heavy snow coat with a fur-lined hood. By default, the coat is a camouflage pattern of white, blue, and dark blue.
  • A rebreather/protective mask, designed to fit over the lower jaw and mouth only.
  • Thick snow gloves with plated backs and internal padding to protect while climbing sharp surfaces.
  • Dark gray snow boots, reinforced with a composite toe and shin guards, with a light gold trim.

Common Accessories

Many characters requisition or wear additional items with their Cold Weather Uniform, such as:

  • A white scarf to wrap around the neck and face.
  • Sun goggles or sunglasses to protect from reflection off the snow.
  • A teal balaclava to protect the face. (Same colors as the turtleneck.)
  • A white and teal modern-styled Kepi (see below).
  • Black shin and knee guards to protect the limbs during long treks in the back country.
  • White and blue armored vests that fit over the coat (as necessary).


Some CWU variants have the following modifications:

  • Some units will wear bulletproof vests underneath the coat rather than over it to conceal that they've protected themselves.
  • Likewise, full armored helmets with full re-breathers and extra oxygen storage are occasionally issued as well.


The Cold Weather Uniform has these special properties:

  • The coat uses a variable iridescent layer to darken and absorb sunlight to warm up the wearer or recharge stashed electronics (or the rebreather), or darken to. It may also brighten to disperse sunlight and hide better in snow.
  • The rebreather does not just filter out poisonous gasses, but also tempers air with heat and reclaimed moisture to keep time in cold climates from being painful.


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