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Type 33 Phase Mine

The Type 33 Phase Mine was developed by the NMX to help protect vital assets which became available in YE 33.

About the Phase Mine

The Phase Mine is the latest means of defending essential space facilities for the NMX. The mines are typically deployed 1 light second (186,282 miles) from the structure which keeps the structure safe from the explosions. The mines can operating autonomously, or be controlled by the facility being protected.


The Phase Mine has the standard NMX color scheme. It is cylindrical with a rounded top and four thrusters along the exterior for attitude control. There are eight lights that are illuminated when the drone is not armed. An Model 31 Aether Plasma Drive provides propulsion for deployment. The drive is not used when the mine is armed as it would give away the mine's position.

The Phase Mine operates its sensors in passive mode when armed, and will typically detonate by proximity, a target entering its blast radius. It will move to intercept incoming craft that are not 'friendly'.

When the mine is about to detonate, it must disengage the phase. Otherwise the explosion will be phased and no damage will result.



Width: 3.66 meters ( 12. feet) Height: 3 meters ( 9.84 feet)


  • STL: (Deploying) .05c 6,684.861 km/s (4,153.78 Miles/sec)
  • Drift Mode: 0 - 100 m/s


  • Warhead: Transphasic Aether
  • Purposes: Anti-Starship
  • Damage: DR 4 (Starship Scale) - See Damage Rating (Version 3) for more information.
  • Blast Radius: 160,934.40 km (100,000 miles)


  • The Phase Mine has a Mishhu brain-slave which controls all aspects of the mine.
  • Model 31 Phase Generator
  • Model 31 Aether Plasma Drive

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