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NMX Standard Small Starport

During the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the NMX built numerous small starports around the known galaxy in systems where a full-size base was not desirable or feasible. These small starports share many common design features and standard facilities.

The population is about 500 NMX personnel, of which 300 are Navy technicians, and 250 civilians who work for the local stores.

Small starports are always surrounded by several Repellers and sometimes paired with Processing Facilities. It is also common for several dozen starship-type AA guns to surround the perimeter.


NMX Starports will typically have the following facilities available.

Landing Area and Repair Docks

The largest asset of the small starport is a large landing pad at least 3 by 3 kilometers is size. The landing area contains six giant elevators with dimensions of 1 km long by 500 meters wide, which can lower the starship 500 meters beneath the surface and protect it with armored overhead doors. The repair docks, when closed, offer a sealed, climate-controlled, gravity-controlled environment in which workers can make repairs to starships.

A thick, armored control tower overlooks the landing area.

Local Spacecraft

Storage Yard

Immediately next to the starport there is usually a large yard for temporary storage of sealed shipping containers, bulk materials, and ground vehicles.



Also adjacent to the landing area is the terminal facility. The upper level of the terminal is above ground, while the lower levels connect to the repair bays and underground bunkers. The terminal is filled will waiting areas, meeting halls, and a limited number of recreational areas and retail stores. Since NMX personnel are not paid, they are expected to barter reward tokens earned for good service, or items they looted from the enemy.

The terminal is often decorated in a macabre way to display the NMX's triumph over their enemies; objects made of bone and skin are often seen, as well as captured enemy items like uniforms. Sometimes prisoners may be put on display and publicly humiliated.

Common Facilities

  • Armor Shop (for Mishhuvurthyar)
  • Bars
  • Barber Shop and Beauty Salon
  • Dance Clubs
  • Food Court and Restaurants
  • Leather Shop and Tannery
  • Love hotel
  • Uniform issue center (Embroidery and Alterations available)
  • Video Arcade (free)

Underground Bunkers

Connected to the terminal and to the repair bays are armored underground bunkers, which contain:

  • Living areas for starport personnel
  • Cloning facility (can clone 250 Nekovalkyrja per hour)
  • Combat Command Center
  • Prisoner holding areas
  • Stores of food and other provisions

The underground bunkers are protected by a force of around 500 Rippers.

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