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Shrine Keepers

“I love the Saints, I love the World! However, most importantly, I love you. Now, sit, and tell this steward of your problems young Mazerinite.” - Shrine Keeper Habeem Falasur

Comforting arms, caring words, blessings of battle, bastions of hope, victory, and forgiveness. These are all the things an Iroma can think a Shrine Keeper as. For centuries, the Shrine Keepers have counseled the greatest and least of Iromakuanhe society, keeping the word and light of the Saints bright wherever the Iroma have walked. Their hearts are empowered and carried by the The Dreamer Vigil, which is sometimes the explanation on how any Iromakuanhe could possibly spend so much time in a place so enclosed as a Shrine.


From day one of the Iromakuane Calendar, the Shrine Keepers have been wise advisers and faith-givers to the rest of their race. They said that Ruh the Old was the first Shrine Keeper, giving advice and leading the younger Makuori of his time. As Ruh died, he passed on the love of his people to the Iroma who would spawn soon afterwards. Since then, there has always been someone to collect the emotions, fears, and doubts of others, and toss those emotions aside from the warm sanctity of their Shrines.


The Shrine Keeper's prime objective is one thing these days, 'Uphold the Vigil'. By no means should a Shrine Keeper allow the patrons in their shrine to leave or remain faithless. In cases that Iromakuanhe do not want to be any part of the Vigil, the Shrine Keepers will resort to their counseling ways and meditations to assist the troubled person. As a Shrine Keeper, faithless or not, all Iromakuanhe deserve the attention of the Saints. The third most important duty of a Shrine Keeper is to simple keep up with the look of his or her shrine so that it remains to be a welcoming place wherever it is placed.


The 'uniform' of a Shrine Keeper is rather simple. It just a simple robe, or long sort of cloth which encompasses the majority of the Keeper's body. This Robe will often be adorned with several symbols and charms and can simply be worn over a Shrine Keeper's casual attire.

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