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MASC Particle Scanner

The MASC Particle Scanner is a system similar to the subspace particle radar systems of more technologically advanced nations, however, it is comparatively crude and inflexible in functionality. It uses a space compression corridor to accelerate exotic charged particles to the targeted location, where they experience changes in charge and frequency based on the nature of the object they impact against. The NI systems of Organoids are capable of quickly analyzing these changes and deducing the causes. This grants high-accuracy estimations of what the target is, it's location and status. This sensor is particularly adept at detecting vessels using deadzone-type stealth, as the system is capable of scanning vacuum, and discerning it from a void signature during sweeps.

Unfortunately, the system is highly limited in stealth operations, and cannot be used to track more than a certain directed area per sensor sweep. As well, it is only able to scan actively, which combined with the nature of the process it uses for detection, is very easily spotted by hostile craft.

To track large areas, some defensive units mount multi-scanner suites that can be used to canvas zones up to .25 AU in diameter. This is especially important to ward off fighters employing guerrilla tactics in a system that has not been properly fortified.

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