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Combined Jamming System (CJS)

The Combined Jamming System, or CJS, is a electronic warfare device employed to hamper hostile transmissions and sensors in proximity to the unit. As the system itself is highly specific in its jamming processes, nearby friendly targets experience minimal negative effects, while hostile forces lose certain advantages in the field. When combined with a Listening Device, this system becomes very effective.

Subsystem Range (Powered Frame) Detection/AoE Range (Starship) Detection/AoE Jamming Effectiveness
Artificial Noise 5 KM / 12000 KM 5 KM / 24000 KM 50%
Active Cancellation 500 KM / 3000 KM 500 KM / 6000 KM 95%

Ranges refer to the distance at which the unit can be detected and the area they can affect, while jamming effectiveness refers to the reduction of communications efficiency (range) for hostile forces.

Artificial Noise

The Artificial Noise refers to its ability to generate electronic 'noise', or the interference caused by signals being transmitted at the same or similar wavelengths which may hamper the proper transmission of data. This reduces the effective range of radio and similar technologies operating on certain frequencies, but does not affect laser or FTL transmissions. The unit engaging Artificial Noise may become easier to detect, even with stealth systems engaged.

Active Cancellation

Active Cancellation systems require a Listening Device to operate properly. When engaged, they first use signal sampling to pick up on hostile transmissions and sensor pings on multiple frequencies, then return them out of phase to cancel the original data out. This causes transmissions and EM-based imagining sensor waves to be eliminated at long ranges, but increases electronic visibility to nearby sensors.

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