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Astral Vanguard Payscales and Benefits



Astral Vanguard Officer Ranks
Name Meaning Weekly Pay
Sengraiv Grand Marshal Protector 8000 KD
Langraiv High Marshal Protector 7000 KD
Margraiv Marshal Protector 6000 KD
Vaygraiv Protector 5000 KD
Lanranr High Guardian 4000 KD
Marranr Senior Guardian 3000 KD
Vayranr Guardian 2000 KD

Warrant Officer

Astral Vanguard Warrant Officer Ranks
Name Meaning Weekly Pay
Sentulri Grand Defender 4000 KD
Lantulri High Defender 3000 KD
Martulri Senior Defender 2500 KD
Vaytulri Defender 2000 KD


Astral Vanguard Enlisted Ranks
Name Meaning Weekly Pay
Senbalri Senior Ranger 1600 KD
Lanbalri First Ranger 1400 KD
Marbalri Second Ranger 1200 KD
Vaybalri Third Ranger 1000 KD
Senshirin Corporal 800 KD
Lanshirin First Private 600 KD
Marshirin Second Private 400 KD
Vayshirin Third Private 200 KD

Payment Bonuses

  • Enlistment Bonus: 12000 KD
  • Training Bonus: 2000 KD per PBTC1), 7500 KD per OTC/ATC2)
  • Mission Completion Bonus: To encourage a sense of pride when squadmates are promoted, the Astral Vanguard awards a mission completion bonus equivalent to squads or wings which complete strategically important missions during conflicts. These are equal to the total weekly income of wing or squad, divided by the half the number of personnel, for each person.
  • Retirement Bonus: A lumps sum of an equivalent to 24 weeks of pay, plus 1/8 weekly pay as long as the soldier remains retired. Requires 50 years of service and a minimum warrant officer rank.
  • Consultant Pay: Retired or honorably discharged officers and NCOs may be hired to work as consultants for military academies or design projects, at a minimal rate of 16 hours of labor for 3/4 of their weekly ranked pay at the time they left the Vanguard.
  • Danger Pay: Soldiers operating in areas defined as unsecured or undergoing conflict receive double pay.
  • Survivor Benefits: If an Astral Vanguard soldier is killed in the line of duty, their selected beneficiary(s) will receive a lump sum of up to 16 weeks of pay. Can be coupled with other (applicable) life insurance services.
Post Basic Training Course
Officers/Advanced Training Course

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