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Ahmida Passenger Seating

Ahmida Civiltech recognizes the need for economy passenger seating that is at once comfortable and functional. With interplanetary travel becoming a casual trip of a few hours, the need for less involved alternatives to full passenger accommodation become increasingly apparent.

To solve this, Ahmida developed a comfortable clustered seating arrangement with specialized 'bucket' seats, formed from molded bioplastic with soft, almost plush upholstery insert derived from special 'smart foams' and other pseudo-organic materials. The foam insert conforms to the user's body shade and can indent significantly around the head area to cradle the passenger's horns, absorbs and wicks away uncomfortable moisture, can massage the back and limbs to prevent discomfort from prolonged sitting and heat the seat to soothe cramps and provide additional heat to the passenger if requested. The seats are set up into blocks of eight, with a storage space set into the ground as the ceiling is generally 3 to 5 meters high.

At the center of the block, there is a volumetric viewscreen for shared use. Passengers are free to orient their seats to browse or view media at their discretion or remain at a normal, forward facing-position. A given floor of a large passenger ferry like the Ur-class Ferry might have many dozens of such passenger blocks.


  • Comfortable seating designed for Iromakuanhe needs.
  • Shared large-scale volumetric viewscreen.
  • Floor-integrated, hermetically sealed storage space.
  • Open-air design that also allows for socialization.

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