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This page Star Army's calendar page for the IRL year 2023. It corresponds to YE 45.

Event DateEvent NameWiki PageLink
11/06/2023Anniversary of moving from phpBB3 to XenForo in 2013
10/29/2023Anniversary of adding Cloudflare in 2014
10/17/20238 years since the setting expanded to the Kagami Galaxy in 2016
08/29/2023Anniversary of Star Army winning Simming Prize in 2014
08/24/202319th OOC Anniversary of Nepleslian Independence in 2005
08/14/202311 year anniversary: moving to Dreamhost
08/01/2023RP Reviews MonthRoleplay Reviews
05/26/202320th anniversary registered by Wes (May 26, 2003)
05/01/20233 years since all Star Army members were 18 or older
04/22/2023Star Army's Tumblr turns 15 (opened 2008)
04/01/202314th anniversary of start of 2nd Mishhu War in 2009
03/28/20236th anniversary of switching to Xenforo 2
03/17/202315th anniversary of UOC breaking from YSE in 2008
03/16/20236 year anniversary: Push notifications added
03/05/20235th Anniversary of Xenfocus Titan style added
03/04/2023International Game Master Day
03/04/2023Roleplay Reviews MonthRoleplay Reviews
02/14/2023Love DayLove Day
01/30/20238 years since Star Army implemented full TLS encryption (HTTPS) in 2016
01/14/202315th anniversary of Star Army joining Twitter inโ€ฆ
01/01/2023YE 45 Begins
01/01/2023Roleplay Reviews MonthRoleplay Reviews

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