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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property




    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station


The Mining Guild has one Shipyard


  • Control Ship- Frigate
  • Mobile Settlement- Colony ship
  • Research Vessels.
  • Drone Carrier support ship
  • Support Ships

Night Guard Owned Ships


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Dracrei Shipyards

The Dracrei Shipyards are a subsidiary of Mining Guild for building its larger space worthy Technology.

Not for sale.


The Dracrei Shipyards are the assets, gained by the Mining Guild to produce their Starships. They employed experienced engineers to work in their Shipyards knowing full well that their Engineering team had been members of the Department of Engineering, and that some had even worked in Yamataian shipyards. Their experience meant that the Mining Guild had access to advanced technology for their use, and capable of using alternate energy sources other than Aether.


To construct the Dracrei Shipyards, the Mining Guild used their newly acquired assets as well as old Nepleslian technology that they had gained in early YE 42 which they later combined and also rebuilt to provide the Mining Guild a continued means to producing their ship requirements. Once experienced Engineers began joining them in mass and formed the Engineering Core, the shipyard benefited by this experience, and the Shipyard gained advanced technology to use in the shipbuilding.

With the completed construction of their Space station home, they attached the Shipyard to it, for ease of travel from the Station to the shipyards and back. Human Dracule Alexander and Nekovalkyrja Rei Mikamoto were later given positions in charge of this Shipyard, and they used part pf their names to give it a name.

The Engineering Core

The Engineers of the Dracrei Shipyards were former members of the Department of Engineering and other individual groups that left for something new or wanted to leave their organizations. Those not wishing to make military starships have joined the Mining Guild as a group called the Core, that helped the Mining Guild build their ships. This core group is a multi-species group of individuals, each with equal rights and pay no matter their race or gender.

Shipyard info

Shipyard (Top view)
Shipyard (Horizontal)


Compartment Layouts


The Passageways run along and inside the Shipyard with an equally large and wide tunnel-based system that on the outside were made with a Transparent Durandium material, allowing those walking the passages to see outside from the Station. Specific positions of these transparent tunnels allow for the viewing of where they and their Miner colleagues worked and any Starship traffic that might occur. The Shipyard passageway attached to Omacron was transparent.


The Shipyard is attached to Station Omacron by a tunnel, large enough for the tallest of beings and durable enough for the heaviest of beings. This tunnel opens up into a wide area. On one side there was a cafeteria where the Engineers could eat their food, though, with the swift transit, they could eat something in the Station’s city.

At the border end of the cafeteria, that divided the cafeteria and the lifts down was a desk where an Employee had assignments for the Engineers to go work on either Starships or the other pieces of technology. Across from this were the lifts and away from the cafeteria were places where there were holo games such as card games.

Starship construction area

The Ship construction area is a massive complex that easily overshadows the Dragon class. In this section, there was no gravity, but the ships being built here are kept in place by magclamps. For safety reasons, the Engineers use the NDC’s Ace bodies, and a small hovering platform to get them to where they need to go. Sometimes, singing can be heard on the comm channels as the Engineer’s work.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The top section of the Shipyard was a tier 15 hull structure, composed of a combination of Durandium and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods along with layers of graphene sandwiched Osmanium spread throughout. This is within a shell of Aegium, which also makes up the support structure deeper within.

Computers and Electronics

While the Station is controlled by the King type AI, the shipyard section is controlled by Eve which aided the construction of the ship via the management part of the development, with the capacity to remind others of planned construction.

The inhabitants use various communications, including the King Type communication system for alternate messages. The adaptive AI can communicate with Omacron and vice versa.

Emergency Systems

A bank of 40 NDC Power cells, acts as emergency power source in the event that the Power Core's power die. This will ensure that comms, life support, and sensors continue to receive power for three weeks.

Life Support Systems

The Wardroom section has air producing technology using standard External Respiration Kit.

Waste Disposal

Waste is transferred to a large tank where a huge magnet slides over the ceiling; metal items are picked up by this and are transported to a new tank. It is then where an advanced sorting system sorts the pieces into proper holes. The metal is smelted, and merges into what would normally be a giant ingot, had it all not been separated again before it entered the molds. The metal is sent to the various factories of the New Dusk Conclave to be made into new items.

Manure followed a similar direction, as it too is dropped into containers that are transferred to farms or factories that can turn it into fertilizer. Broken electronics are taken apart, the metal joins the other metal, and the other materials follow suit in their respective compartments.

Other Life Support Systems

Besides the other Life support, some pipes transfer water, and flushing toilets, and working sinks. The water is quadruple filtered so that nothing, not even microbes, can contaminate water. The Salt in the water is sent to a different area where it is made for a new purpose. This allows the Settlers to drink water should they need to.

Shield Systems

Due to being connected to Station Omacron, and Station Decacron, it is protected by the Paladin Barrier System.

Production and Build time

2) 3)

Class Commercial Description Base Tier Build Time
Very Light Stork Class 8 4 days
Light Magpie Class 11 8 days
Very Heavy Dragon class 14 20 days
Space Station Station Omacron 15 60 days
Capital Ship Durandium Phoenix 15 60 Days

Other Products

Name Type Build Time
Mineral Scanner Scanner 1 day
Mining Probe GPS type probe 1 day
Mole Claws Dig tool 1 day
Plasma Cutter/Torch Hard Rock Cutting Tool 1 day

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesspace stations
Product NameDracrei Shipyards
ManufacturerMining Guild
Price (KS)118 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Shipyard was created by Charaa using doga
Newly-approved factions and corporations may start out with one shipyard.
The construction process of huge space stations, shipyards, starships, and system defense platforms cannot be “sped up” for any reason.

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